A diamond is forever. Or at least its ad campaign is.

Is it just me, or does this 1979 DeBeers commercial sound familiar?

I hope those diamond-pushers don't pay their marketing staff too much, because they haven't come up with a new advertising scheme in nearly three decades.

And boy, do they lay it on thick. Over the past month or so, DeBeers, Zales, and Jared have monopolized just about every commercial break with reminders about my womanly holiday duties. Ladies, 'tis the season to insist that the man in your life drains his bank account and presents you with a velvety box of sparkly rocks, and --upon receipt of the bling--to gasp, with hand clasped to chest and eyeballs bulging out of sockets.

Ok, so the adfolks had enough sense cut the chirpy housewife lines from the commercials at some point in the last 25-30 years, but the 2007 versions still make women look like materialistic dopes.

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